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  • --3200 Guide Touch Kiosks
  • Humantek Guide Touch Kiosks is mainly used in stadiums, the exhibition, map inquiry, can be customized functions such as route query, voice and video play!
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    Huamtek Guide Touch Kiosks use in scenic spots, museums, memorial halls, science and technology museum, gallery, enterprises and institutions and other place, mainly for the introducing, the exhibition, map guide, can be customized functions such as route query, audio and video play! Touch Inquiry all-in-one machine has become a important carrier of the image promotion of scenic spots, museums, memorial halls, science and technology museum, gallery, enterprises and institutions and other places.
    TuMan 3200 product features:

    1. One cabinet design, beautiful and easy operate;
    2.32 inch LCD display, clear and energy saving;
    3.32 inch acoustic wave touch screen, sensitive and durable;
    4.The mainstream host brand-- Asus: excellent performance, stable and reliable.

    Various models and sizes for select, detailed please contact us
     How to use|

    Using graphic:



    32.0" LG brand TFT LCD
    Touch Screen:
    32 inch Infrared explosion-proof touch screen Resolution:4096×4096;
    Luxury metal cabinet (including the network interface , power amplifier,
    Power supply wire, socket, reset switch and other auxiliary equipment)
    C    P   U:
    Intel Core i5 3470 Basic frequency 3.2GHz,
    Turo 3.6GHz;
    Industrial-grade Asus P5KPL-AM SE;
    Kingston 4G-8G DDR3 1600
    Hard disk:
    Seagate Barracuda 500GB-1TB 7200rpm 64M
    Network Card:
    Intel 9301CT,82574GI,PCI-E 1000Mbps;
    Power Supply:
    Great Wall 0dB BTX-500SE
    Thin vertical chassis customization;
    External interface:
    RJ45 network interface、USB interface;
    The cooling system:
    Strong type independent exhaust;
     Where to use|


    * The museum
    * Convention and exhibition center
    * Universities and education organizations
    * Entertainment or Performing Arts, Enhanced personalized audio
    * Athletic Stadiums or Arenas
    * Art, the gallery
    * Government
    * Hospitality or Tourism
    * Houses of Worship – Mosque, Church, Cathedral, Synagogue
    * Manufacturing – Factory Tour
    * Research center
    * The press conference
    * Scenic areas and historical sites
    * Tour Groups
    * Urban planning and public buildings

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