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  • --The Click Audio Guide
  • TuMan Click audio guide,Suitable for: personal self-help tour guides, individual tour,Auto Show,Museum,Art exhibition etc....Main usage:The visitor can click the RFID lable(This lable can work foever without electricity and maintenance).Can play audio.
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    The Click ,with the beautiful appearance,Visitors can click the RFID Lable by the Click gently. (The lable can live foever without power supply and maintenance.),The Click can also be used together with the tour guide system, explanation for the multi-lingual interpretation.
    The Click Product features as follows:

    1.Visitors can click to get the Audio comments gently

    2.The beautiful appearance,better feeling

    3.The RFID lable can live foever without power supply and maintenance.

    4.Convenient install,Only need to paste the RFID label beside to the Explain point;

    Appearance can specify the color, printing logo;
    or redesign shell.(Larger quantities)
     How to use|

    Using graphic:


    Microphone(MIC01) | Unilateral Headphone(EP01)

    Charger 1 for 10(Model:UCG01)

    Microphone(MIC02) |
    Unilateral Headphone(EP02) | Headphone(EP03)


    Click induction:
    Passive RFID ,for near distance demand; <=5 cm;
    High-end Buttons:
    Beautiful,easy operate,durable;
    Play Format:
    Content segments:
    arbitrary selection,max:9999;
    Audio output:
    Digital sound: built-in audio(10Ω/3W)and
    ¢3.5mm earphone jack,32 level circulation volume adjustment;
    Personality TIP:
    Voice prompt function when press keys and operation;
    Code rate:
    Frequency response:20Hz-20KHz;;
    Storage mode:
    Adaptive Flash and SD card expansion;
    Memory capacity:
    2G-32G optional;
    Data updating:
    USB2.0 charing/write in Dual data port;
    Power supply:
    Lithium battery 3.7V 1280mah lithium ion battery,
    Continue to play 10 hours or more;
    Working temperature:

    Collection Box 1 for 30(Model:7Box01)

    Charing box 1 for 30(Model:7BoxC01)
     Where to use|


    * The museum
    * Convention and exhibition center
    * Universities and education organizations
    * Entertainment or Performing Arts, Enhanced personalized audio
    * Athletic Stadiums or Arenas
    * Art, the gallery
    * Government
    * Hospitality or Tourism
    * Houses of Worship – Mosque, Church, Cathedral, Synagogue
    * Manufacturing – Factory Tour
    * Research center
    * The press conference
    * Scenic areas and historical sites
    * Tour Groups
    * Urban planning and public buildings

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